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Mask Ear Guard

S$ 9.90

Introducing The Ear Guard - Reduce tension and pain around your ears at only $9.90 

Fast shipping + Free Shipping: You can receive the Mask Extension Hook within 1-3 days. (MASK NOT INCLUDED)

  • Ear Scratch Alleviating: The mask extender hooks are compatible with most of the ear-mounted masks, this mask leather strap help reduce the pain and pressure of wearing a mask in the ear for a long time.
  • Upgraded 3 Slots: The length of adjustable Mask leather Extender can be freely adjusted to loosen or tighten. Fit for not only adult but child.
  • Comfort While Wearing: The Ear Mask Hook is made of durable, calf leather material, which can be repeatedly washed without bending, abrasion, curling or peeling.
  • These Ear Cord Extension Buckles are suitable for all kinds of mask. Durable, flexible material.

Handcrafted in Singapore. 

Note: Only suitable for thin mask rope as shown in image.

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