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WeMake Stitching Tutorial!

Keyfob Kit includes : 1 x Leather Strap, 1 x Keyring, 2 x Needle and Waxed Thread

To start out, you’ll need your Leather Strap, 2 Needles, Waxed Thread and any kind of scissors.

Step 1 : Prepare your 1 thread with 2 needles (one on each end)- Twist and lock into place). 

Step 2 : Fold the Leather Strap into half and loop in the Keyring. 

Start Stitching!

Step 3 : Pull first needle through - Pull the needle through the hole until you are at the centre of the thread (each side should have the same amount of thread).

Note: I’m going to refer to the needle in your right hand as needle 2 and the one in your left hand as needle 1.

Step 4 : At the second hole - Loop into another hole and push the left needle (needle 1) through while holding the needle 2 behind it. Once you pulled needle 1 through the hole, twist your right hand (holding both needles) towards you and push needle 2 through the same hole as the thread. Be careful not to pierce the thread!

Step 5 : Pull thread through - The rotation creates a knot that can now be pulled through the leather. 

Step 6 : Pull the thread tight & repeat for each stitch.

Step 7 : End of the stitch - When you’re finished, make sure to backstitch 4 holes into the direction where you started to secure the thread.

Step 8 : Loop in the keys!

Video can be view at :


We hope you enjoy this mini leather workshop with us. Thank you!