T-Type Alphabet Hotstamp Set

S$ 139.00

Letter Hot Stamp Set ( Can be install in your existing hot iron ) 

Description: Use for leather, wood, plastic, paper and other materials bronzing or branding T slot design, quick, portable and durable. With shockproof storage box, practical and high end. The set contains the complete alphabet from A to Z.
Size - 6mm | Material - Copper | Engraving depth: about 2.8mm

Set A includes : 26 Big Letters + 8cm Bracket 

Set B includes : 26 Big Letters + 26 Small Letters + 8cm Bracket

Fonts option :

Arial | Garamond | Roboto

* For 10cm bracket - Additional charges apply

Quality Notes –
• Highest quality sets in production.
• Engraved letter on the side of each stamp for easy identification.
• Each stamp has been engraved perfectly for accurate and easier stamping.
• The bottom of each stamp can be used as a spacing guide.
• Very precise and sharp.